Youth Scholarships

  • It may seem like insurmountable odds for a young person in Wintervedlt, South Africa, to attend a institution of higher learning given the challenges they face: Crime is rampant and poverty everywhere. Many homes have no electricity, many roads are unpaved, many people live in tin shacks.


    Yet, the Touch A Life Centre students listed below are determined to achieve their goals. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, some 100 young people have attended college and training programs. They are graduating and getting jobs in banking, health care and communications. They are creating a brighter Touch A Life for themselves and their community.


    The word "Touch A Life" means "future." The future of this invaluable program, however, depends on friends and donors around the world. Without you, the Touch A Life Foundation could not provide the much needed scholarships for the students to continue their education. Consider making a donation today.


    Students with an asterik beside their name are currently receiving scholarships from the Touch A Life Foundation.